Chug-a-lug variant Medium

  • Chug-a-lug variant Medium
  • Chug-a-lug variant Medium

Reverse tie-dyed with color remover, not bleach.


Head from an old hardcore piss video.

When the Badlands tore out the restaurant in the back
of their bar it left a giant empty space that looked exactly like a dance floor. And when they built a DJ booth next to the empty space and hired three of the city's best DJs to sit inside the booth and play records, the space looked even more like a dance floor But just as patrons started to lift their toes and kick their heels, up came the no dancing signs. Since the area isn't for dancing, the locals thought, it must be a sexual recreational area. Wrong again and up came the no sex signs. The area is simply a space to enjoy a beer, cruise your favorite man of the hour and listen to some of the best music in town.
The No-No signs, as co-owner's Ron Holmes and Frank McGrady call them, are their subtle way of informing people that dancing and sex are not allowed Dance bars require a specific permit, which Badlands does not have, and if patrons want stand-up recreational sex, they can go down the street to the Jaguar Bookstore where it's legal.
The signs are the copy righted creation of Frank, who anticipated the problem of people waiting to dance when they saw the DJ booth. The booth, incidentally, was constructed using the barn wood from the old Toad Hall Frank has also created a No-Drugs sign and the three signs seem to be working. So far, says Ron, they haven't had a problem with any of the three No-No's.
Badlands. 1421 18th Street.”